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Utsav Chopra is currently living in Denmark and working for a cybersecurity company. Originally from India, he has gained extensive experience testing password managers globally..

He has authored several e-books and guides on Product Marketing, Password Management for Business, and Drones. He graduated with a degree in computer science engineering from Acropolis Technical Campus, India.

He has extensive experience testing and building products and helps companies grow through growth hacking.

Meet The Experts

utsav chopra

Utsav Chopra

Cyber Marketing Lead
Danish CyberSecurity Company

Cyber Writers

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How we rate Password Managers?

1. We gather all the information about the company and its products (mostly password managers).

2. Review the password manager’s security features and breach history.

3. Consult with end users or gather information from public review sites like G2, Capterra, etc.

4. Finally we write our technical review non-biased to provide in-depth details to the readers.