Using a password manager lets you manage all your usernames and passwords in one place, eliminating the need to search for them one by one. Password managers on the market can generate random, highly secure passwords for your accounts, alert you if your password has been compromised, suggest existing insecure passwords and help you update them.

For Mac users, Apple’s iCloud Keychain is a password manager that can be used in macOS (and iPadOS and iOS). Moreover, it automatically generates and enters secure passwords, all while keeping them safe from hackers and other deviant individuals. Although iCloud Keychain is an incredible piece of software, one drawback is that the features other password managers offer are not offered by iCloud Keychain.

If you are looking for a secure Mac password manager that you can access from your entire Apple and other devices without having to remember hundreds of passwords and one that gives you more features and control over your account, you have come to the right place. This guide will help you to decide which Mac password manager is the best for you. We compared over 12 password managers to build this list of the best Mac password managers of 2023.

How does a Mac password manager work?

Using a password manager simplifies accessing your different accounts. A password manager will automatically fill in the necessary details for you, so you no longer have to memorize multiple complex passwords for each service you use. There are also a variety of other features offered by password managers.

These are the critical functions of the best password managers:

  • The password manager generates a strong password
  • Keep them safely stored
  • Login information is automatically filled in
  • Even though data breaches happen occasionally, password managers use strong encryption to protect your passwords from being stolen.

Your Apple device also comes with a password manager built in. From Mac OS 8.6 onwards, Apple has included iCloud Keychain in its suite of applications. It’s now a fully functional system that creates secure notes, holds passwords and synchronizes with other Apple devices.

Our Top Pick for Macbook Passwords Manager

1. iCloud Keychain

Apple’s iCloud Keychain is deeply integrated into macOS and iOS and comes directly from Apple. Although iCloud Keychain offers reliable security, password managers like 1Password, LastPass, or Dashlane, on the other hand, offer a much broader range of features. Although iCloud Keychains can only sync across Apple devices, third-party services can deliver extensions for other popular platforms and web browsers.

Ease of use is one of the key features that can swing the needle one way or the other. For a seamless consumer experience, a password manager must be easily accessible, and iCloud does the job. 

iCloud Keychain

Pricing feature:

CostNo. of devicesTotal storageCompatible withOther features
Free: $0iPhone and iPad devices and Mac computers.UnlimitedDevices: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Opera.Free version
Mobile: iOS, AndroidInstantly share keychains

Special features: 

  • With iCloud Keychain, you can keep all your Mac computers, iOS devices, and iPadOS devices up to date automatically.
  • The only way to keep your data in sync across all devices using Keychain Access it by manually entering them or transferring them via a USB stick, which iCloud Keychain solves. You can instantly share keychains with your other devices with this feature. It is only necessary to activate the iCloud account to create and manage device-specific keychains.
  • The iCloud Keychain can store passwords on web pages and remember them. It will automatically fill in the username and password when you visit a website if you have set it up in Safari preferences.
  • Both Mac and iOS users will enjoy the experience. 
  • iCloud Keychain offers seamless sync, cross-platform accessibility, and encryption to safeguard user data. 


  • An easy-to-use interface
  • The auto-fill feature
  • All Apple devices come with this feature
  • Authentication with two factors


  • There is no universal compatibility
  • In comparison to third-party programs, the audit system is less compact.
  • Crashes caused by auto-fill and auto-capture

2. Dashlane

Password managers like Dashlane are among the best. There are many high-security features and more valuable extras than almost any of its competitors, including unbreakable end-to-end encryption. 

Dashlane’s standard password management tools work perfectly — Importing, generating, saving, and sharing passwords, auto-filling logins and forms, setting up two-factor authentication (2FA), and checking whether the passwords are secure or not are incredibly easy with Dashlane. Dashlane also offers many additional tools. 

Pricing feature:

PriceNo. of devicesTotal storageCompatible withOther features
Premium: $4.99 per monthPassword sharing
Premium Plus: $9.99 per monthDevices: macOS, Linux, Windows,Form filling
Premium Family: $7.49 per monthFree: 1 Paid: UnlimitedPaid: UnlimitedBrowsers: Chrome, Safari, IE, Edge, Firefox, OperaDevice syncing
Premium Plus Family: $14.99 per monthFree: 50 passwordsMobile: iOS, Android

Special features: 

  • With Dashlane, your data is encrypted locally on your device, so passwords and other sensitive information are protected before they reach Dashlane’s servers.
  • No password manager on the market offers a VPN that is secure, easy to use, and as fast as some standalone VPNs.
  • When both the Dashlane extension and your browser are up-to-date, Dashlane will work on any computer running Windows, macOS, Linux, or Chrome OS.
  • The Dashlane protocol also uses zero-knowledge encryption. Your vault can only be accessed by you.
  • The Dashlane web app lets you store more than just passwords. You can store information like secure notes (such as legal documents, Wi-Fi passwords, and software licenses), personal information (names and addresses), payment information (credit/debit cards and bank accounts), and ID cards (driver’s license, passport, social security card, etc.).
  • You can check the health of your password vault by using a password health checker and comparing it to the password health score provided by your password manager.
  • Monitor the dark web in real-time for leaked email addresses and provide instant alerts. 
  • While still incredibly easy to use, Dashlane’s browser extension offers various useful tools.


  • Free plan includes unlimited password storage
  • Protects against VPN attacks
  • Detects compromised accounts in dark deb
  • Maintains a complete history of passwords


  • One device is allowed with the free plan
  • It is expensive to subscribe to the premium tier. 

3. 1Password

There is no doubt that 1Password is one of the best password managers for all platforms, and its pricing and features are on par with competitors that used to be able to offer more for less. 1Password provides many features, including easy storage, filing systems, and secure data storage. Unique Travel Mode lets you choose which vaults officials can access when requesting access to your device when crossing certain borders. Furthermore, it has a very user-friendly dashboard and multiple packages and is highly secure.

AES 256-bit encryption is used by 1Password. You can set a timer to clear your clipboards with 1Password automatically. Unlike other software, 1Password makes using this feature relatively easy.

Pricing feature:

CostNo. of devicesTotal storageCompatible withOther features
Individual: $2.99 per monthPaid: UnlimitedPaid: 1 GB document storage, Unlimited passwordsDevices: MacOS, Linux, WindowsAuto-save feature
Family: $4.99per monthBrowsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera Safari, IE,Document storage
Mobile: iOS, AndroidDevice syncing

Special features: 

  • There are various platforms that 1Password supports, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD. 
  • Two-factor authentication is enabled in this software. 
  • The following browser extensions are available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Brave, and Edge.
  • Filling out forms is possible with this software. 
  • It offers a wide array of biometric logins, such as Face ID, Touch ID on iOS & macOS, Windows Hello, Linux fingerprint, and fingerprint & face unlock on Android.
  • It is necessary to enter a PIN code.
  • The feature that makes this software stand out is the unique Travel Mode. 


  • Secret Key provides an extra layer of security
  • Vault organization features that are robust
  • The how-to resources and support are excellent


  • The software does not come with a free trial
  • Applications for mobile phones are very basic

4. Norton

A secure password manager like Norton password Manager can be downloaded for free or with all Norton internet security plans. It provides essential password management functions and has standard security features, including the most used 256-bit AES encryption and zero-knowledge policies. 

Norton Password Manager has the ability to store unlimited passwords, generating passwords, auditing of password vaults, mobile biometric login, login with two-factor authentication, and use a password changer that change automatically. 

Pricing feature:

CostNo. of devicesTotal storageCompatible withOther features
Individual: $9.99 per monthDevices: MacOS, Linux, Windows30-day free trial
Family: $49.99 per yearBasic plan: 2GB, Paid: 100GBPaid: 100 GB document storage, Unlimited passwordsBrowsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera Safari, IE,Document storage
Mobile: iOS, AndroidDevice syncing

Special features: 

  • Norton Password Manager is free to download. Several of the most popular browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge, are compatible with its browser extension, and its Android and iOS mobile apps work seamlessly together.
  • Passwords in your vault are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption, which is virtually unbreakable. 
  • Passwords, credit cards, addresses, and notes can be stored in Norton Password Manager’s intuitive password vault. With Norton’s cloud-based vault, syncing between mobile and desktop devices is unlimited. This kind of cross-device syncing is rare in other free password managers. 
  • Using Norton Password Manager’s auto-save feature, you can easily add new logins to your vault.
  • Although Norton Password Manager does not include account recovery options, users can log in using biometrics (mobile app only). 
  • The password vault of Norton Password Manager also allows you to enter information manually. 
  • In Norton’s “Wallet,” credit and debit card details can be stored and auto-filled, saving you a lot of time. 


  • Setup is quick and easy
  • Credential strength is evaluated by Safety Dashboard
  • Password storage with no limits
  • The ability to sync across platforms
  • It’s free


  • Credentials cannot be shared securely. 
  • There is no option to inherit passwords.
  • Desktop users have limited options for multi-factor authentication

5. mSecure

A sleek, professional design distinguishes mSecure from many other password managers. A general overview of the interface is similar to those of other leading password managers, with menu options and categories on the left, entries in the middle, and specifics available on the right. It is possible to manage your mSecure subscription through the website, but you can only view and edit your vault through the application.Also, mSecure automatically enters your passwords when you use the corresponding website or app. 

Password managers must be secure in order to be considered the best. To protect user data, mSecure uses industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption. You can trust mSecure’s servers to keep your information safe.

Pricing feature: 

CostNo. of devicesTotal storageCompatible withOther features
Essentials: $1.66 per monthDevices: MacOS, Linux, Windows30-day free trial
Premium: $2.49 per monthPaid: UnlimitedPaid: UnlimitedBrowsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera Safari, IE,Document storage
Mobile: iOS, AndroidPassword generator

Special features: 

  • mSecure’s Sharing Center makes it easy for users to share passwords. You can add recipients to specific vaults without giving them access to all your passwords after inviting them.
  • A browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge is also available for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Watch OS.
  • Your existing passwords can be imported using an external CSV file. Passwords from other password managers cannot be imported directly.
  • You can use mSecure to automatically enter your login credentials when you use a website or app with a saved password.
  • A variety of customization options are available with mSecure’s password generator, including length, character type, and password/passphrase.
  • The password change process takes place through the corresponding website or app. 
  • Members of mSecure Premium can share information securely with other members of mSecure Premium.
  • Only your Account Password can decrypt your saved data. You can easily reset your account if you lose it. 
  • Security features that are advanced
  • In order to keep your passwords on a local device, you can disable the Sync feature.


  • Stores sensitive and personal information securely, such as website passwords
  • Automatically locks after a specified amount of idle time.
  • It is compatible with MacOS, Android, and iOS.


  • Passwords are not automatically captured.
  • Credentials are not automatically retrieved when logging in.
  • Filling out Web forms with saved data is not possible. 

6. Bitwarden

With Bitwarden, you get a primary password manager that is highly secure and comes with a lot of additional features. In addition, it is one of the cheapest products on the market. Bitwarden is less user-friendly than most top competitors – its features are clunky, complicated to use, and unintuitive. It also comes with some cool extras, such as local hosting.

It’s one of the few password managers that allows unlimited passwords to be synced across unlimited devices on its free plan, making it one of the best free password managers.

You can access Bitwarden on macOS, Windows, and Linux desktops with native applications.
As a premium password manager, Bitwarden offers a variety of security features, including multiple two-factor authentication (2FA) options, password generators, password sharing, password auditing, breach monitoring, and emergency access.
If you have biometric logins on another device or emergency access enabled, you can access your vault with a master password hint. As a zero-knowledge password manager, Bitwarden prevents anyone from the company from accessing or viewing your data; users only one who knows your Master password and, therefore, can unencrypt your Bitwarden vault. 

Pricing feature:

CostNo. of devicesTotal storageCompatible withOther features
Free: $0 per monthPassword sharing,
Premium: $1 per monthFree: 2UnlimitedDevices: macOS, Linux, WindowsPassword generator
Family: $3.33 per monthPaid: UnlimitedBrowsers: Chrome, Safari, IE, Edge, Firefox, OperaDevice syncing
Teams: $3/user/monthMobile: iOS, Android

Special features: 

  • All Bitwarden plans include a shared vault option called Organizations. 
  • Passwords and other data can be stored in Bitwarden’s practical vault. 
  • Among Bitwarden’s vault’s four main data types are logins, identities, credit cards, and secure notes.
  • Bitwarden offers excellent two-factor authentication (2FA). Logging into an account with 2FA requires both your password and a second verification method.
  • Additionally, premium users get an integrated TOTP (temporary one-time password) authenticator, which they can use to log into compatible accounts.


  • Provides apps for all popular platforms and browsers
  • A free tier and an inexpensive paid plan are available
  • Authentication with multiple factors supported
  • The Send Sharing feature works well
  • An open-source project


  • During testing, there were some difficulties with automatic capture and autofill
  • Hardware keys for multi-factor authentication are only available to paid users
  • By default, only 1GB of encrypted storage is available to premium users

7. RoboForm

If you’re on a budget, RoboForm s a great password manager. This password manager offers less features as compared to its competitors, but its auditing password, dual-factor authentication, and form-filling capabilities make it a premium product. Aside from being easy to use, Roboform is reliable and affordable. Individual and family plan come with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, making it one of the cheapest plans on the market. Many standard password management features include 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA), andpassword auditing.

RoboForm’s form-filling features enable you to navigate complex web forms with a single click. It is cheaper to use RoboForm than many premium competitors. 

Pricing feature:

CostNo. of devicesTotal storageCompatible withOther features
Free: $0/monthDevices: macOS, Linux, WindowsFree version
Individual: $23.88/yearUnlimitedUnlimitedBrowsers: Safari, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, OperaPassword sharing
Family: $47.75/yearMobile: iOS, AndroidPassword generator

Special features: 

  • The RoboForm server stores user passwords, allowing users to sync their passwords across devices, share their passwords, and access their vault remotely. 
  • RoboForm and the Safari extension are included in the universal Mac installer. Offline access is available, you can stay logged in across browsers, and biometrics are supported.
  • Your data remains safe even if RoboForm’s servers are breached, or a government subpoena is issued.
  • All your data is encrypted and decrypted locally on your device before being sent to RoboForm’s servers using your master password, which RoboForm does not possess. 
  • Logins and passwords, bookmarks, notes, identities, name cards and numbers can all be stored in RoboForm’s vault.
  • The password vault is accessible via RoboForm’s desktop app, web app, browser extension, and mobile app.
  • The process of organizing your vault is also straightforward. All entries can be stored in the main vault, or you can manage them into folders and subfolders, which you can create as many as you want. 
  • It is effortless to add new entries manually.
  • The easiest way to add new logins to your vault is through the browser extension, which automatically saves new or modified credentials each time you log in.
  • It is also effortless to use your saved logins and other details. 


  • A comprehensive web form-filling service
  • Maintains passwords for applications
  • The appearance of the web vault has been updated and modernized
  • Supports a wide range of browsers and devices
  • Automatically generates unique and strong passwords       


  • Imports from competing products are limited
  • User interfaces on desktops can be confusing
  • Hardware security keys are not supported.

8. Zoho Vault 

With Zoho Vault, you’ll find affordable pricing plans, a feature-packed free plan, a long list of Two-Factor Authentication options, and some excellent user management tools. The Zoho Vault password manager is part of the Zoho suite of business management tools. Users looking for something to store their passwords easily may find Zoho Vault difficult and time-consuming to use. 
Zoho Vault’s password manager is mainly designed for small businesses. As a matter of fact, Zoho Vault has several exciting features, including a user management and password assessment report. 
On the other hand, everything is the same. Zoho Vault has extensions for websites like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Installing these extensions is as easy as clicking one button.

Pricing feature:

CostTotal devicesTotal storageCompatible withOther features
Free: $0Devices: macOS, Linux, WindowForm filling
Standard: $0.09 per monthBrowsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge, OperaFree version
Professional: $3.60 per monthUnlimitedUnlimitedMobile: iOS, AndroidPassword sharing
Enterprise: $6.30per month

Special features: 

  • Every data entered into Zoho Vault is hosted on a host-proof server.
  • There is a minimum of 5 users for both Professional and Enterprise plans. The Enterprise plan is twice the price of the Professional plan. Still, it offers more exciting features, including notifications about password events, password requests, and even single sign-on for cloud apps.
  • In addition to being extremely affordable, the Standard plan integrates with G Suite (Gmail) and Office 365 (which should make it more valuable for small businesses). 
  • The free plan offers individual users everything they need – auto-fill, password saving, and password strength report. 
  • Business users will find the toggle function for enterprise and personal actions very convenient, and the ability to exclude certain users and export the findings.
  • In both paid and free plans, auto-backup comes as standard. To enable it, navigate to the ‘Data Backup’ option under the Admin panel, click ‘Enable Backup,’ and select a daily or weekly backup schedule. 
  • Administrators can check on all user activity with Zoho Vault’s ‘Audit’ feature: their secrets (logins), user actions, and ‘Misc’ (all user actions). 
  • Using Zoho Vault, you can learn how secure your passwords are and learn some tips about creating a strong password.
  • User management is built-in to all Zoho Vault plans – free and paid – although the paid plans offer more user actions (notifications about user actions, setting limited-time access). It makes their paid plans (more on that below) an excellent password manager choice for families and teams.


  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS
  • Provides multi-factor authentication support
  • All browsers and platforms are supported
  • Multi-Page logins are supported
  • Passwords are imported from browsers
  • Free plan with substantial benefits


  • Filling out web forms is not possible 
  • Mini password generator that is unintuitive

9. True Key

The McAfee True Key password manager is a secure one, but it’s relatively basic compared to the top password managers. The system uses standard security features such as 256-bit AES encryption and a zero-knowledge policy, so only you can access your data. Furthermore, True Key is straightforward to use. Its browser extensions automatically fill in login details, the password creator simplifies the process of creating secure logins, and Safe Notes and Wallet allow you to easily store your personal documents. There is a limit of 15 passwords that can be stored in True Key’s free plan. 

You can sync your saved login information accurately across multiple devices with True Key, which uses strong encryption. 

Besides being a browser add-on for desktops like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, McAfee, True Key also includes applications for Android and iOS. While True Key offers a free version
with limited options, the premium version comes with McAfee’s Total Protection antivirus suite. Despite McAfee True Key’s decent security, there are better password managers for a similar or better price.

Pricing feature:

CostNo. of devicesTotal storageCompatible withOther features
Free: $0Paid: UnlimitedDevices: macOS, Windows, LinuxFree version
Premium: $19.99 per yearUnlimitedFree: 15 PasswordsBrowsers: Chrome, Safari, IE, Edge, Opera Firefox,Biometrics
Mobile: iOS, AndroidEncryption: AES-256

Special features: 

  • In True Key, passwords and other sensitive data are protected by 256-bit AES encryption. 
  • The AES encryption has never been broken and is used by many government agencies, banks, and big tech companies to secure their data.
  • In True Key, all data is encrypted locally on your device and can only be decrypted with the master password you create – even McAfee cannot see your private information on its servers.
  • Among True Key’s features are a password generator, a payment information storage tool, and a Safe Notes tool for storing any other information. 
  • Using Launchpad, you can access all the passwords you’ve saved with True Key. Your online dashboard has quick shortcuts to frequently visited websites, lets you change your login details, and enables you to add new logins easily.
  • In Launchpad, you have the option of viewing tiles or lists. A single click on the Launchpad allows you to edit or delete any saved password. 
  • With True Key’s password generator, you can easily create strong passwords.
  • Password management is handled very well by McAfee True Key. 
  • The True Key password generator offers easy customization options and is extremely easy to use.


  • Multi-factor authentication is widely supported.
  • Passwords are synchronized across Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.
  • A master password is not required to operate securely.


  • Lacks advanced features such as automatic password changes, password sharing, and inheritance
  • On Windows and Mac, Internet Explorer is not supported.

10. Sticky Password

Password manager Sticky Password offers some unique features and is simple yet secure.
Sticky Password has all the essential functions of a password manager very well. Besides being compatible with all major platforms and 15+ browsers, it comes with cool extras like Wi-Fi sync and a portable USB password manager.

Among Sticky Password’s plans is a decent free plan, although it’s limited. In its paid plans, you can access all features at competitive prices and cancel anytime within 30 days.

Pricing feature:

CostNo. of devicesTotal storageCompatible withOther features
Free: $0Devices: macOS, Linux, WindowsFree version
Premium: $29.99 per yearUnlimitedUnlimitedBrowsers: Chrome, Safari, IE, Edge, Firefox, OperaPassword generator
Mobile: iOS, AndroidBiometrics

Special features: 

  • Lamantine Software’s Sticky Password is a password manager available on Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS. Furthermore, other lesser-known browsers are also supported by the program.
  • Passwords, logins, and other data are encrypted with 256-bit AES in Sticky Password. 
  • Data synchronization options with Sticky Password include cloud syncing and Wi-Fi-only syncing.
  • Using a Sticky Password, a user’s data can only be accessed by the person who has the
  • master password to the Sticky Password vault.
  • You can also enable two-factor authentication with a Sticky Password.
  • Passwords are stored in two separate tabs in Sticky Password – Web Accounts and App Accounts. 


  • Passwords are synchronized across devices
  • The Wi-Fi sync is secure and does not require the cloud
  • Establishes and manages passwords for applications
  • Authentication with two factors


  • Cross-device syncing is not available in the free version
  • There are some quirks in the way passwords are filled out and captured
  • Web application with limited functionality

Guide to selecting the best Mac password managers:

Technology experts are just some of the ones who need password managers. The password managers you’ll find here are developed for individuals, enterprises, families, and more, and there are apps accessible for all major devices and operating systems. Following are the criteria that we used to choose the best password manager for macOS:

Strong security

Password storage is a highly secure endeavour that you should not compromise. Our password managers ensure your account is safe with the latest encryption standards (256-bit AES with PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512) and other features. In addition to biometric login options, multi-factor authentication is also available.

Compatibility of devices

This list focuses on Mac password managers, but many of them also support other operating systems. Choosing a device that can be ported to most devices is a bright idea since you never know when to upgrade your appliances or switch operating systems.

Cross-platform support

If you use multiple devices, you want your passwords to be accessible on each one. When you need a password for your Android phone, you want to avoid having to run on your Mac every time. Password managers that support your smart watch can also store your passwords in the cloud, so you can access them from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and any other device, which is a convenient way to keep your passwords on hand.

Aspects of coverage

The password manager you choose will determine whether you can store unlimited passwords and sync unlimited devices because not all password managers allow these features. There is a limit on some plans, especially the free ones. We have mentioned that the product supports many passwords and devices, so users don’t have to fret over about running out of space.


Having an updated password database on all your devices is essential if you use the software on all of them. For this to happen, you will need to sync your data via Dropbox, iCloud, or other services. It is common for password managers to use their servers for this purpose.

Additional features

The most important thing is to store your passwords securely. Also, consider password generators, which allow you to create better passwords, and password-sharing capabilities, which make it easier to share passwords with family and colleagues.

Price consideration

We should have considered the price because other factors, such as coverage and features, play a significant role in choosing the right password manager. Password managers are different in terms of security and effectiveness. You can choose from monthly, yearly, or even free monthly and annual subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are password managers necessary for Macs?

A dedicated password manager can provide a much better experience than the built-in one on Macs. Additionally, it is not tied to the Mac ecosystem, giving you greater freedom.

How do I choose the best Mac password manager?

According to our reviews, the best password manager for macOS is 1Password. Its easy-to-use
applications, top-grade security, and more valuable features make it one of the best software programs available.


There is no doubt that Macs are some of the best PCs available today, but you must take precautions to ensure your device is protected, as with any other internet-connected device. So the way you manage your passwords is crucial to your online security. Therefore, read this complete review and choose wisely.

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